The William Blake Tarot
of the Creative Imagination

Created by Ed Buryn

About William Blake Tarot Cards
Learn all about the Williamn Blake Tarot by reading the description below.

The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination is a practical and inspirational tool for personal creativity that features the art and ideas of William Blake (1757-1827). To most people, William Blake is a man much acknowledged but little understood. His personally liberating ideas and penetrating social vision have made little impact outside of intellectual circles. This is unfortunate because society at large would greatly benefit from more familiarity with Blake. He is a prophet whom we have greatly honored but barely heard.

This tarot deck represents something really new for Blake – a way to take him home and ‘play’ with him, to get acquainted with him as never before possible. It is an attempt to free Will Blake from intellectual bondage. Unlike textbooks and critical studies, the William Blake Tarot presents his ideas and images in a manner that is easy to absorb, and a lot more fun. Most of all, the Blake Tarot is a portable spiritual toolkit that you can use every day to creatively solve problems, to ponder personal issues, and gain meaningful insights into some of life’s mysteries. It enables you to put William Blake’s amazing art to practical use, rather than just passively admire it. Combining the ‘handson’ accessibility of Tarot cards with the imaginative insights of William Blake is like putting wings on an angel: now let the spirit fly!

The William Blake Tarot consists of a set of 23 archetypal cards called Triumphs, plus a set of 56 Creative Process tarot cards in four suits named Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry – which are Blake’s four primal expressions of the imagination. In conventional Tarot, the archetypal cards are called the Major Arcana and the suits are called the Minor Arcana. These terms are avoided here because ‘arcana’ means ‘secrets’, which do not apply to the modern concept of Tarot or to William Blake. While the Tarot may have been considered occult or secret in the past, modern Tarot seeks to share its wisdom with everyone.

Because William Blake and Tarot are natural partners, this tarot deck ‘marries’ them – an act of imagination in the service of imagination. This is befitting because most of Blake’s own works were reinterpretations of the works of other poets and artists. Now, William Blake himself is reinterpreted here through the medium of Tarot. Although the William Blake Tarot Deck is completely true to the ancient tradition of Tarot, it is specifically designed to shed spiritual light on everyday issues and problems through the lens of creative processes and the arts – for as William Blake asserted, “the whole business of man is the arts.


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